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Yoni Oil

Yoni Oil

Yoni herbs infused in oil for weeks to capture all the nutrients and benefits to be placed on the skin. Keeps your yoni healthy, fresh and tight as it should be. It is anti-fungal and antibacterial that relieves infections like bv and yeast, giving you a satisfied PH balance. This oil is in its purest form so there is NO added fragrance. Honestly, Yoni has its OWN scent. You can use the Yoni oil any and EVERYWHERE. The vulva, clitoris, labia (Majoria and Minora). It helps with odor, bv, yeast and acts as a lubricant for those with dryness down there.  You can also use it for your face to help inflammation caused by acne.  It can also be used as a mini massage because of what the herbs provide to the body.*This also comes in a pairing. Please see our Collections/Pairings section*
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    Herbs, Yoni infused Oil, Castor oil, Almond Oil.  Product is in a 2oz bottle

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