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Sample Bundles

Sample Bundles


With so many soaps I've created, I know its hard to choose the one or three you'll love! So how about you try the sample bundles instead? I've selected 4 individual soaps and paried it with an authentic bamboo soap dish. How cool is that! Let's just say its wonderful to get the best from both worlds. 


Option 1: Limoncello, Cantaloupe, White Hibicus, Mango Papyaya

Option 2 : Grapefruit Rosè, Melanin, Berrylicious, RoseGold

Option 3: Lemon Lavender, Watermelon, YoniESSENCE, O’ My Honey

Option 4: Pacific Waters, Eucalyptus, Blue ice , Oak

Option 5: Charcoal Turmeric, BelAire, Black Ice, Damn Zaddy 

Option 6: Aloe turmeric , Aloe Seamoss, Sea moss, acne takeaway

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