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Lavender Salt Scrub

Lavender Salt Scrub

PriceFrom $12.00

Lavender is known to be an aromatherapy and an aphrodisiac. It promotes calmness, reduces stress, anxiety and relieves pain. All the more reasons to make it a salt scrub. This scrub is like the best of both worlds, not only do you have the benefits of lavender, your also exfoliating dead skin, stimulating your immune and lympatic system. Here's a bonus to this scrub, you can put some in your bath to add extra relaxation. Once finished it'll feel as if you were at a spa. MADE TO ORDER.

  • Product Info

    Lavender, Lavender Essential Oil, Raw Sugar,Epson Salt, Grapeseed Oil, Course Salt

  • How to Care for Your Scrub

    Wet face with warm water (it helps open your pores), apply a small amount on hand and rub all over face. Allow it to sit for 60 seconds then rinse with cold water. 

    *Keep scrub away from water, place in a dry area*

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