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Essential Essence by CL

Great rising, I’m your cute soap maker, or shall say cute natural maker, Monica Ray. I create your natural skin, home and bath items from scratch with raw organic oils and butters. This website provides a wide variety of things to offer for men, women, kids and also your home. Think of it as a place where you can get your skin, hair, cleaning products and natural items that fulfills your rooms in one transaction without a need to go to multiple places just to be satisfied. Another amazing thing to add is that the items you receive are all from my OWN hands, no outside companies or already-made base products.  They are literally created from my hands to your home!


The mission of Essential Essence by C.L is to be one of the world's leading providers of your skin, bath and home products made from scratch with natural, organic and raw materials. We want to be a place that informs, services, and inspires you of the natural capabilities that earth has to offer. When using Essential Essence by C.L it will be nothing less than a natural experience! 


A world where we go back to our roots: the natural way of life. To also heal, nurture and enjoy what earth has to offer. 

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